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Header Top Bar

Following image highlights the header top bar area in MagazineBook WordPress theme:

Header Top Bar - MagazineBook WordPress Theme

In MagazineBook’s free version, currently we have two options for design of this header top bar area. You can choose one of them.

To customize header top bar area, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your WordPress admin dashboard.
  2. Go to ‘Appearance > Customize‘.
  3. Go to ‘Header Options > Header Top Bar‘.
  4. You can hide the header top bar completely if you don’t want it to be displayed. If you uncheck the checkbox, you can hide the header top bar.
  5. The second control in this section is to choose the top bar design. The default one is ‘Dark Theme’. You can change it to ‘Light Theme’ if you want.
Header Top Bar Settings
Further Customisations in Header Top Bar

Header top bar is fully customisable.

  • Date: You can show/hide the date displayed. You can also change the date format.
  • Latest Posts: You can hide/show latest post in header top bar.
  • Social Media Links: You can show/hide social media links in the header top bar.

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