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Import Demo Content

It is easy to import demo content with MagazineBook. Just follow these steps to import demo data on your WordPress installation.

It is always better to import data on fresh WordPress installation. If your WordPress installation is not fresh, you might have to do some extra steps to make your page look exactly same as the demo website.

Install plugin for importing demo data.

We use ‘One click demo import’ plugin to import demo data. You can install it easily from your WordPress admin dashboard.

  • Log in to your WordPress admin dashboard. Go to ‘Add New Plugin’.
  • Search for ‘One Click Demo Import’ plugin.
  • Install & Activate ‘One Click Demo Import’ plugin by ‘ProteusThemes’.

Download demo content files

Download following zip file. It contains 3 files which are required to import the demo content. Download and unzip this. One file is for all the content like posts, images, pages etc. Another file contains all widgets. And one file contains customizer settings.

Import Demo Content

Now, we need to import those downloaded files using the plugin. Follow these easy steps:

  • Go to the ‘Import Demo Data’ page under the ‘Appearance’ menu.
  • On this page, choose those downloaded files.
  • Click on ‘Import Demo Data’ and wait for it to finish. It might take around 3-4 minutes depending on your server.

Finishing it up (Optional)

If your WordPress was not a fresh installation, you might need some extra steps. You might have to correct all or few of the following:

  • Homepage setting
    • Go to ‘Settings > Reading’ page.
    • Make sure you have selected ‘Your latest posts’ to display on the homepage.
  • Primary menu
    • Go to ‘Appearance > Menus’.
    • Add menu items that are missing.
    • Make sure that the menu is selected as ‘Primary Menu’.
  • Posts displayed on the Homepage banner
    • Go to ‘Appearance > Customize > Frontpage Options > Banner Slider’.
    • Make sure that ‘Featured’ category is selected here.
    • Go back and go to ‘Banner Featured Posts’ settings.
    • Make sure that ‘Cooking’ category is selected here.
    • ‘Publish’ these customizer settings.
  • Posts displayed on content section widgets
    • Go to ‘Appearance > Customize > Widgets > Front Page: Content Top Section’.
    • Open the widget by clicking on the small down arrow.
    • In the dropdown, make sure that ‘Editor’s Choice’ category is selected.
    • Go to ‘Appearance > Customize > Widgets > Front Page: Content Middle Section’.
    • The category for first widget should be ‘Readers’ Choice’. For the second widget, it should be ‘Health’. And for the third widget, it should be ‘Travel’.

If you have followed all above steps, your website must be looking same as the demo website now.

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